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Spooks and spectres in the house! Grab your flashlight and computer mouse. Fend off the creatures in your head, then finally you can get back to bed!

Bedlam is a spooky point and click adventure game, where you play as a child that is troubled by the paranormal disturbances in his house. All he wants is a good night's sleep, can you help him defeat the mischievous monsters and creepy creatures?

Bedlam was a final-year project at Swinburne University of Technology created from the ground up over the year of 2015, it features one level where the player must navigate their child to solve puzzles and escape the first floor. Bedlam was presented at PAX Aus 2015 as part of the Swinburne booth and was a pleasure to create!

Design Team
Thomas Fortune
Amanda Quinless
Adam Venuto
Elliot Harvey

Code Poets
Jason Stubberfield
Aaron Richards
Tim Patullock
Jamie Princep


Bedlam Wix

Creative Commons Licence
Bedlam by Red Hot Go is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.

Install instructions

PC/Mac/Linux - Download and run!

Bedlam is built using Unity3D which has quality options before you play. Bedlam is point-and-click! Left click to move, select items in your inventory and use those said items. Right click puts selected items back in your inventory.


Bedlam - PC.zip 78 MB
Bedlam - Mac.zip 81 MB
Bedlam - Linux.zip 82 MB

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